April 5, 2016

Blurred lines


In every team there’s overlap. The boundaries between the people, their roles and their responsibilities are always a little blurred. Not all, but some.

Like who does the selling? The person with “sales” or “commercial” or “business” in their title, or someone with “project” or “operations” or “support”? They all contribute, so all of them?

Blurriness is one of the ways it works; everyone pulling together.


– When one person get’s all the credit, the upside and the commission cheque, despite the team effort to get the deal. That’s divisive … find a better way.

– When two people leapfrog around, reworking all the same questions and details before bumping into each other at the well. That’s a waste of their time and plain bad management … sort out the structure.

Blurred lines are inevitable, and mostly helpful, right up until they’re divisive and wasteful.

Skippy strategy: Make sure the lines make sense, even when they’re blurred.