August 10, 2015

Boring isn’t safe


Challenging for lucrative work, pitching for something big, breaking into a new field, gunning for new horizons – it’s tempting to think the decision maker’s pen will twitch your way if you stick to the middle of the road. You know, bore their corporate souls into making boring corporate choices.

Might work … in the kind of place that hates fresh thinking, knows only black and white and thinks pasta is exotic. But then, why would they be looking outside in the first place, and why would you want that kind or work anyway? Yawn.

Even the risk averse walk the edge sometimes, with a life belt. Safe means you’ve considered the angles, understand the landscape, know the industry, have the research cold and work like a doberman in the chase. Safe means you have evidence. Safe means you can show that you know what you’re doing.

Boring isn’t safe, it’s just boring.

Safe doesn’t mean boring, it means professionally managing the risk.

Skippy Strategy: Be professional interesting, it’s the safest way to win the work you really want.