April 22, 2016

Bread and butter progress


When things start to go well it’s natural to feel good about your world and imagine that this is the new normal. Progress will continue to accelerate, orders will keep coming through the door, cash will roll in behind. Before you can say “this is easy,” everything is adjusted upward and the feasting starts.

Maybe that’s ok, but time has a habit of tickling reality out of hubris.

What looks like an never ending upslope today can quickly turn into yesterday’s hillock. Small, beautifully formed, but just an outlier that kinda-sorta promises of the real foot-hills still to come.

So feast in the sun for a while but plan a quick return to a bread-and-butter mentality. At least until the hills are joined together and the trend is measured over many rising peaks.

Skippy strategy: Bread-and-butter will get you there.