December 5, 2016

Break the bubble


It’s easy to look inward.

Spending your time on the things you’re working on, stand around the same water cooler talking to the same people about the same things you always talk about. Good things like, how do we serve the customer better, how do we improve the way we do things around here? There’s so much to do and so many ways to refine, we can spend all our time focused inside the bubble.

Pop it.

When you find one, your job is to bust your way in. Get them to explain and validate and evidence. Find fresh thinkers and push them into the room.

On the inside looking out … poke a hole through it, get outside, find new faces, new inputs. Talk to customer and partners and competitors. Go to trade shows. Reach out.

There’s heaps of value outside the bubble. Go find it.

Skippy strategy: Widen references.