June 2, 2019

Break the tedium


There’s a problem with the day-to-day. It’s just so ordinary. So hum drum. So … day-to-day. Whilst every day might be different, and there’s variety in that, it’s different to only the slightest degree. Nibbling over scrabble. The mountains are still a long way off. And the thing is, if you want to get anything done, pretty much every day is about taking small steps that are, by definition, connected to the things you just stopped doing and will be wedded to the things you’ll get to next. Journey’s always consist of a lot of putting one foot in front of the other.

Break the tedium.

Collect sequences of day-to-days into themes. Think, beginning and middle and end. Think, quest. Think, shifting the emphasis whilst staying focused.

Hole Shot. Tying the Tail. The Bouncing Bears. Battling the Seven Dragons.

Skippy strategy: Turn the day-to-day into the next adventure on the journey.