October 28, 2015

Breaking the bubble


It’s a little insular inside the walls of your own organisation. Cosy, warm, familiar (if not downright friendly). Everyone of like(ish) mind, working together (even without cohesion), looking at the world from a single (and partial) perspective.

It’s a little dangerous inside the walls of your own organisation. Comfortable. Unchallenged. Privileged. Biased.

Break the bubble.

New blood with different ways of thinking and doing. Advisors who don’t say Yes just to keep you happy and their retainer paid. Contrary voices who tell it like they see it. Customers, ex-customers, non-customers. People with spiky opinions who won’t pour syrup in your ear.

You’re not looking for THE TRUTH. You’re after broader references with deeper context and an external perspective. Then, when you look out the window, you see more than a shiny reflection and an oily rainbow.

Skippy Strategy: Time to use a pin.