December 8, 2021

Breathing space


Any change effort is about more than the change. The change makes sense. The new process, the new machine, the new way or working, the new product development, the new team structure. All have been thought through, at least to the level of detail needed for the decision. All have a business case, at least good enough to make them worth the struggle. All promise something better than what was there before, sometimes wildly so.

Yet, the push back. The answer, in part, is pull as well as push. Not just the changes but the reason for change, the vision, the improved future state, the potential that will be released, the opportunities that will open up.

Yet, still, push back. Change takes energy. It’s always an effort. There are mountains to climb.

So push, so pull, and create the slack to allow the change.

Skippy strategy: Give changes some breathing space.