November 9, 2019

Bring it forth


After all the talk. After all the discussions and what ifs and maybes. After the wrangles over how it could be done and should it be done and will anybody care if it is done. After the decision to get it done … you have to get on and do it.

The time for promises and presentations is over. The time for foot to the floor action, for delivery, for pulling the actual rabbit out of the actual hat is actually here. No more discussions and ifs and maybes. No more talk.

It’s not necessarily that anyone cares. It’s not necessarily that anyone is waiting with baited breath. It’s just by the time the talking’s done, there’s nothing more to talk about. The next time you’re in front of each other … we’ve done this, and this, and this, and now, here is the actual rabbit.

Skippy strategy: When it’s time to deliver … bring if forth.