February 20, 2016

Bring me ideas


There are always customers who don’t want to know. For reasons of timing or interest, they’re never going to listen to what you can do to make their life easier or better. Don’t waste your time – that’s not the market.

The good news – the interesting customers are open or actively looking for new ideas. They have known problems but aren’t sure how to fix them, or they know what they want and need help to get it. Either way, they’re in the market for a new kind of help.

The game is to work out as quickly as possible if this person, right now, wants ideas or already has all the answers.

There’s no clues in job titles, it’s in the twinkle of their eye.

Skippy strategy: Early markets are made of people actively looking for new ways to beat their demons. Old markets, they’re picking of the shelf.