November 7, 2019

Bring order


Chaos can be fun. Everyone running around, lots of energy, creativity and innovation popping right out of a cul de sac. It has it’s down sides. Running around and bumping into each other, wasted energy, finding yourself stuck in a dead end of the side of a back water.

That fun part though.

Some people love it. Thrive on it. You can almost see them standing taller and breathing deeper as they survey the mess and work out what only they can do about it.

If that’s your kind of leadership. Good luck finding a team who’ll stick with you beyond the second crisis.

For the rest of us … for more consistent, believable, take to the bankable progress … give us order. Show us that this crisis is more about changing the game than enjoying it.

Skippy strategy: Enjoy the chaos if you want, but bring order out of it.