July 25, 2020

Bring questions


There are some places where you have to shut up and listen. Few. This isn’t about those places. Everywhere else, bring questions.

When you meet clients, ask them questions about their business and their problems and what they’d like to change and where they’re going. Ask them about the subject at hand and anything that adds context and colour to the game.

When you meet potential employees, ask them about their lives inside and outside of work, their ambitions, the reasons for changing roles. When you meet potential employers, ask them about the role, about the team, the work, the frustrations, the objectives and that project you read about on their website.

For anyone, the difference for them between every other person they meet and the people that stand out … the questions they bring and their willingness to engage in the conversation.

Skippy strategy: What, when, why, where, who, how.