October 24, 2019

Budget game


At some point in the year it’s budget time. Maybe that time is now. The game is to work out what, with a following wind, will happen, and what you’ll have to do to make it so.

The budget game is not about playing games – where they say big and you say small, or they say small and you say big and you kinda-sorta settle in the middle. It’s not about phoney smiles – where everyone agrees about things that they all know to be false.

It is about playing scenarios and best guesses, about playing if this and this and this then that and that and that, about playing with ambition and reality, money and timelines, hope and desire. And that’s all before a number is entered in a spreadsheet.

Budgeting, like all games, is best played with pluck and honest reflection.

Skippy strategy: Don’t play games and budget time.