January 14, 2020

Business as usual


Business as usual isn’t a project. It has no beginning, no middle, no deadline for delivery. It’s every day, the next one pretty much the same as the last one, can feel mundane, not so exciting, slower paced and a little bit dull. It’s business as usual. That’s how it is. What are you gonna do?

Pay attention to the blur.

Find time to take a beat. Gather anyone who’s involved, anyone who takes decisions, anyone who’s close to the action around a table and a whiteboard and ask the obvious but avoidable questions. What do we do well, how can we do more? What do we do badly, how do we change? What would we like to do, who do we need, what systems and processes need an update? How do we invent our own future.

Skippy strategy: Ask, what do we want business as usual to be?