September 14, 2021

Can’t go wrong


There are times during any change process when you have two systems running. The old way, the one that’s familiar and that kinda sorta worked before but that you’re trying to update for a bunch of meaningful reasons, and the new way, which makes perfect intellectual sense but that isn’t trusted, isn’t bedded in, isn’t the go-to tool yet, and nobody really understands how it will work or even if it truly will.

So you have both – some people pushing one way and some pushing back. Two steps forward, two steps dug into the bedrock.

Try to avoid wholesale (big switch) change. Pick a small project that offers a quick return, test and poke at the new way, use your best and most block-busting team. Do it where everyone can see what happens, be honest about results, learn and repeat.

Skippy strategy: Learn and repeat until you can’t go wrong.