February 28, 2017

Catch up


Building the product is the easy bit. Without having to persuade anyone except ourselves (and our significant others), we can work away for months, circling around the houses until the curtains are twitching, and then, at last, with some fanfare … ta da! … we bring our glory into the morning sun.

Everything up to the fanfare was in your control. And if you couldn’t exactly control it, you could control the things that were trying to control it. It was all about you and your team.

Now, everything that comes next, that’s the hard bit. Because everything that comes next is uncontrollable. You have to wait for everyone else to catch up.

Your job it to help.

Help them find out about what you’ve been up to – market it.

Help them tell you how to sell to them – listen to them.

Help them get the benefit – service them.

Skippy strategy: Help them help you help them.