December 18, 2021

Category two


Some people, some organisations, the fella next door, are all do it yourselfers. They work out that something needs doing and their instinct and solid preference is to work out how and then to do it themselves. Sometimes they look outside for inspiration, may even convince themselves that they might use a third party – but when the time comes, they reach for the recruiter, the paintbrush, the coding manual, and try do it themselves. Whatever the consequence.

Other people, other organisations, the person on the other side of the party-wall, turn to professionals. They work out that something needs doing, then they pick up the phone and call in someone who knows what they’re doing. Their only decision is about who’s the best for the work, with the paintbrush, in the code.

If you’re selling, make sure you’re talking to category two.

Skippy strategy: Work with those who work with you.