January 7, 2018

Cement the love


Customers want a product they can trust – one that performs, is delivered as expected, and is consistent over time.

When they get what they want from a supplier … they remember … and they tell their friends.

The love goes both ways – as suppliers we get what they want too: a valuable customer who doubles as an unpaid sales pro.

To build the love, the product is the core – something that delivers the value it promises. (Like great coffee.) Cement it with a wrapper that differentiates your product from its competitors. (The location, the friendly staff, the design and cleanliness of the shop, the consistency from one visit to the next.)

To create valuable customers, you need a recipe that covers everything:

– For the product: Bean, weight, roast, grind, pressure, time, method, volume, milk.

– For the wrapper: process, training, management, resources.

Don’t trust love to luck.

Skippy strategy: Build and cement the love.