October 31, 2017

Chow down


Yep. Some of the best days are full of all the things you love; where you add enormous value, where you fight fires and you beat them cold, where you’re challenged in a good way, where you break out an enjoyable sweat and the whole world sparkles. You’re working hard, but it’s fun all the way through the wood shed.

Then there’s every other day, where glory moments are rare and the day-to-day is the same ol’ day-to-day that is was yesterday. Where you fight the good fight, it’s a little more prosaic, and you go home with the sense of a job well done.

Then there’s the moments you hate. That you leave to go cold, and everyone sees you avoiding … until it crashes … and you finally chow down … yucckkk! … and then it’s done.

And you promise yourself, quicker next time.

Skippy strategy: Chow down.