June 6, 2016

Cold toast

Cold toast, hot view

There’s plenty that goes wrong. News feeds, twitter, blogs, the water cooler – half the world seems bent on telling us all that’s Pete with the other half. From cold toast on up. We’re conditioned to focus on the negative.

If you do something about it – like asking the waiter for some hot toast please – that’s good. Otherwise you’re shouting in the wind and making anyone who hears likely to serve you on their own complaints buffet.

Take the little things in stride, deal with the bigger things, and work towards anything else you care about.

That leaves the things you can’t deal with and don’t care about.

In which case, keep quiet and put your energy somewhere else, or tell us the tale but make it funny. So we enjoy rather than endure the story.

Skippy strategy: Don’t be the one nobody wants to sit with at breakfast.