October 22, 2017

Come for a conversation


Whatever they tell you in selling school, there’s no trick.

At one end … there’s the McDonalds technique, full on features and options – Do you want fries with that? – in the hope that something will stick. This is how technical people lose their audience; geeking out on the technology or raining feature-feature-feature whilst the customer is trying to keep up.

The problem with this end, it’s all about the product. The real problem, it’s not about the customer.

So learn the lesson in opposites … come for a conversation. Have a genuine (keyword: genuine) interest in the customer and what they’re trying to achieve. Listen to what they’re doing, what they’re trying, what they like and don’t like and where they’d like to go.

And see where the conversation takes you.

One direction: product development. The other: moving to happy valley together.

Skippy strategy: Settle in for a genuine conversation.