May 29, 2016

Communications skills


You can tell them what you think of them, have frequent one-to-ones, discuss performance and how you’d like them to behave, give pep-talks, update contracts, finesse job descriptions, change your tone of voice and bring all your powers of persuasion to bear. Exercise your communications skills.

That’s nice and everything, and it might make a difference, but what they really care about is how you act.

How you show rather than tell. How you deal with issues rather than just talk about them. How you prioritise your budget and your time. Where you pay attention. What you highlight. What you let slide. How you organise. The weaknesses you ignore. The slackers who get away with it. The promotions you make, and don’t.

Management and leadership are active roles.

They’re about the actions you take. The how of making things happen.

Skippy strategy: Use actions – far stronger communications skills.