There are times when the clipboard rules. When the process is the game. When getting from end to end involves prescribed steps and the discipline of taking every one. When short cuts take you over cliff edges. When replicated actions are the guarantee. When compliance, or Compliance, is necessarily the king of the hill.

These times are not often. 

Most times, the wriggle rules. When creativity is the game. When we work the problems, deal with obstacles, out think and out manoeuvre. When tomorrow is supposed to be different from today.

The problem: when the clipboard mentality is in the way of the wriggle. When process and compliance create unnecessary speed bumps. When elegant and creative solutions are tangled-strangled with needless bureaucracy.

The answer: slash the thicket.

When you see clipboards drawn, ask, is this compliance or a wanton fascination with complication.

Skippy strategy: Slash through the bureaucratic thicket.