February 5, 2017

Confuse them


There are so many winning strategies. Higher, faster, cheaper, clearer, better, easier, partner, corner, conquer…

Ultimately, they all turn on gaining interest and patronage from customers.

To do that … customers need to know what you do and how you help them do something or be something they want. That means making a straightforward proposition in clear language and then making it easy for them to get the benefit they’ve paid for.

They want a life made easier by you rather than more difficult.

Don’t make them work it out for themselves, don’t make it confusing or difficult to explain. Get rid of everything that blurs the line.

From the moment they hear about you to when they get the actual benefit from dealing with you, they want it to be clear, coherent, simple.

First rule: don’t confuse your customers.

Skippy strategy: Simplify the product and simplify the pitch.