March 18, 2020

Confused by


We spend so much time talking about ( because we’re confused by) roles and responsibilities.

It should be straightforward. It starts with a clear idea of what this role is for in the first place, with a rider of where their particular buck stops. Now, where this role fits in to the bigger picture. Then, the reporting lines, in an HR, Who does the review and approves their holidays?, sense.

Of course, life doesn’t fit into convenient structures, particularly at the beginning when everyone is doing everything. It’s no excuse not to push, always, for clarity.

Make every job explicit.

This person reports along these lines. They do this. The reason we need this in the first place is to deliver these specific values.

Make everyone clear about the Why of every question. Why they fit here. Why their value matters. Why we’ve made these choices.

Skippy strategy: Make it clear.