June 12, 2016

Cookie cutter


Wouldn’t it be lovely if everything was the same?

That every time you dealt with a new customer or new supplier it was exactly the same as last time around, that everything was standard, no negotiation, same contract. The goods would turn up or ship out the way they always have. Same quality, same price. Oh, maybe the price could be higher/lower? That’d be good.

That every person involved was just like the others. Same sensibility, same motivation, same focus. No need to think about how to build them into the team or waste time on understanding their strengths and weaknesses. They’d just fit the square hole like every other peg. What even is round?

A cookie cutter world would be so … simple.

Oh, but then … no innovation, no growth, no change, no improvement.

Isn’t it lovely the world isn’t simple?

Skippy strategy: Variety is worth the effort.