October 1, 2021

Core proposition


Your core proposition as an organisation is that you know what you’re doing and can do what you say you can do. Most of the work after that falls into the camp of saying what you can do (which falls into various headings under sales and marketing) and doing what you say (delivery, operations, the process, all the day to day).

In the end, the customer doesn’t care what you say, they only care about what you do.

The fast way to build your brand and your reputation is follow through. To do what you say, reliably and consistently, so the customer knows from experience what to expect.

If you always fulfil on your promises, they come to expect that, and probably tell their friends.

If you’re inconsistent, if the quality varies, they come to expect that – and they’re probably try somewhere else.

Skippy strategy: To what you say you’ll do.