February 17, 2016

Crossing the line


Making agreements is all about the detail. I’ll do this, you’ll do that.

Even when you don’t get everything your own way, if the balance of the deal makes sense, you swallow hard and put pen to paper. And that’s the deal. Part exciting, part scary, part onerous.

At some point – maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon – you’ll get signer’s remorse; if only …

You might come to resent it. And want to push as the edges. And antagonise. And see just where is the line that cannot be crossed.

The problem with that line? It’s easy to trip and stumble to the other side. And if you’ve already antagonised them – maybe they’ll shoot.

Deals made in good faith aren’t made to be broken, they’re made to be honoured.

Skippy strategy: If you can’t live with the terms, find an honourable way out. Don’t spit in their eye and hope they’re ok with it.