September 21, 2016

Crying foul

Black and White

What happens when everyone (including the leadership) buys into a clear objective?

Assuming it’s an open an robust environment:

– There’s a healthy debate whenever the route comes up for review. And when isn’t the route on the table? Every day brings obstacles, challenges and shiny-bright opportunities. So debate, advocacy and thought-based action become the MO.

– People know what they’re working towards and have the ability to make forward motion knowing they’re on the right track. Which builds agency and confidence and faster progress.

– They can cry foul whenever they’re moving away from the goal. Which keeps us on track and makes for active decisions as nobody gets away with soft thinking (even the leadership).

What about when objectives are unclear? Anything goes, second guessing, two steps forward two steps back.

It’s not that black and white, but nearly.

Skippy strategy: Get clear. Commit. Share.