August 2, 2019

Custom fit


Complexity is inevitable.

Do things for long enough – more than a day – everything looks like a special case. Maybe it’s the first time, maybe it’s the seventeenth, each time there’s something special or different or non standard or especially challenging. And it’s tempting to work to the weirdness, to dodge and adapt to everything you see. In reality, it works. Bespoke feels good. It fits.

Complexity is inevitable … and expensive in time and attention and people and costs … and it can lead to variable results. We handled this complex well, that one badly.

To smooth out the end game, remove as much complexity as possible, and no more. This doesn’t mean dumbing down.

Work out how to simplify.

Make the problem fit the existing solutions first, then do what you need to close the gaps between the special challenges.

Skippy strategy: As often as possible custom fit, not custom solution.