August 17, 2016

Damn hard


Sometimes it’s just damn hard.

It’s like you’re running up hill, into the wind, the whole time. Nothing comes easy. Every meeting takes longer than it should, discussions are protracted, received wisdom doesn’t fit, there’s push back and entrenchment, the customer is capricious, goals shift, designs won’t settle, what seemed easy, isn’t.

Take a moment to stand back.

Is it me, us, our process? Have we plateaued? Is it the eddy before we leap? Is it our perspective, has the competition shifted, did we misread? What changed?

If the answer is in there, great news. Work the problem, eat the change, and adjust to fit.

Sometimes though, it’s just damn hard because you’re doing damn hard things.

Set your stance, shoulder the burden, and push, push, push up that hill.

At least you know you’re doing it by choice.

Skippy strategy: Accept reality, make your choices.