November 23, 2018

Dance the line


In a meeting, at the presentation, one-to-one, by email – there’s every chance you’ll lose them. 

Let’s assume for now that they’re interested and motivated, that they’re doing their best and aren’t distracted by a sick dog or a competing communicator – in other words, you have every chance.

Let’s also assume that you know what you’re talking about and are well prepared, you have the facts and the perspective to make sense of them – in other words, they have every chance.

The problem comes from granularity. Too little or too much.

Dive down a level too far, and you’ll lose them in the depths. Stay too high, you’ll lose them to boredom. The answer? Ask how you’re doing, and adjust. 

A mixed audience gives you zero chance of holding them all. The answer: break into groups or dance the line.

Skippy strategy: The onus of communicating lies with the communicator.