November 10, 2015

Dangling threads


There’s the creeping doubt, then the discomfort, the realisation, the decision, the act.

Bringing commercial relationships to a close is always difficult and forces you to deal with emotions alongside numbers and contracts. Loose and friendly alliances might get settled over a handshake and a shrug but when things become formal or strained you need to hit the the paperwork.

Ending a contract takes will on both sides to work through the formalities and crystallise how things get left and who gets what from whom. Bringing lawyers to the table raises emotions again as everyone frets the what-ifs they’re signing away.

The easy option is to stretch deadlines, put your head below sand and leave everything else dangling.

It’s the wrong option.

Hanging threads distract from progress and sap energy every day until you deal with them. Every. Day.

Push through. Get definitive. Move on.

Skippy Strategy: Dangling threads? Cut them off.