August 12, 2019

Difficult and hard


Some things are just hard.

For the moment, let’s draw a line between difficult and hard. Difficult is the thing that’s complex, has many moving parts or is beyond what’s easily possible given the resources and knowledge available. Difficult it what keeps us entertained/energised/excited about the things that we do.

Hard though, whilst it may also be difficult, is hard. Hard is the thing you can’t bring yourself to do even though you know you should and you really want to. Hard is what keeps us annoyed/angry/awake at night because we know what we need to do but we can’t bring ourselves to do it.

Hard, to an external observer, is easier than difficult. Difficult is construction and full of dependencies, hard is a simple matter of resolve.

Skippy strategy: We can hire for the difficult. Our job is deal with the hard.