October 25, 2021

Do less


Firefighting can feel like fun. Firefighting is fun. Firefighting, dealing with issues, quick decisions, making a difference, the end of the day better than the start. These are good days.

Except, wouldn’t it be lovely if we never had to fight fires?

Also … when firefighting becomes an everyday thing, when the standard operating procedure is dealing with small incendiaries, when the crisis is chronic, when every day is as draining and relentless as the day before, these are not good days. These are bad days in a dysfunctional organisation that’s letting is staff down.

When this happens, when everyone’s beaten up and polishing off their cv, it’s time to cut a fire break.

No new projects. No new changes. Operation clear-the-decks. Get to the end of the thing and take time to design the problem out. Do less, but do it better. 

Skippy strategy: When the firefight is daily, gut a break.