April 20, 2020

Doers like to talk


The difference between those who talk about things and those who do things? The doing part.

Talkers like to talk. They like to have meetings and sound folk out, they like to chew over the issues, some even make notes and send them around for review and correction and as a starter for then next time they gather the great or the unavoidably interested (staff) for the next round of chat.

The doers like to talk. Then they get of their arse and make things happen. Instead of just talking about next steps, they take them. Instead of writing beautiful plans, they execute meaningful plans. Instead of missing the stage and losing the once-interested who are now obviously disinterested, they jump on the stage with their arms around shoulders.

The difference between talking about it and doing it? Let me show you.

Skippy strategy: Show, don’t talk about showing.