February 14, 2017

Don’t forget the D


There is so much going on.

Technology that was bleeding yesterday might die or make it to the mainstream tomorrow and be entirely redundant in a week. Should we pull the trigger on an upgrade or wait until the next gen clarifies? Customers’ needs evolve in fits and starts, trying to keep up with their ambitions or those of their own customers. What do they want today, how’s that changing tomorrow? Politics, environment, sentiment, materials, locations, markets, suppliers, funding. Everything in flux. All the time.

What’s next? What else? What’s after that?

The temptation: wait it out, keep with the R of R&D, keep on learning, keep on keeping your options open until, until, until …

Until the world moves on and leaves you cold.

Do the research. Make a decision. Kick it into development. Deal with what happens next.

Research. Develop. Keep on looking. Keep on developing.

Skippy strategy: Always moving forward.