March 3, 2021

Don’t moan


When there’s a problem you have three effective choices, and one ineffective choice that may well be the one most taken. Let’s deal with this one first – the ineffective go-to for most people is to moan about the problem (to the wrong people) but do nothing about it. Ineffective, yes, but it releases a kick of cortisol that might feel kinda good in the moment (although it’s bad bad bad over time).

The other more effective choices: ignore it, name it, do something about it.

Ignoring a problem means it’s still there, and that’s may be ok if you can live with it. Naming problems publicly, calling them out, solves way more problems than any other method, because everyone says, Oh yeah!, and sorts them out. The final option, taking responsibility, is harder, riskier, and is what leaders do.

Skippy strategy: Don’t moan, get over it or do something about it.