May 15, 2024

Don’t tell us


Behind those shiny windows, customers don’t always play the game we want them to.

They run to their own schedule and have their own ideas about what they want and how they want it.

They buy the way they want even if it seems inefficient or counter-productive to their overall goals.

They have goals and objectives they don’t tell us.

They have internal wrangles they don’t tell us.

They have metrics and unsubstantiated thinking and vested interests they don’t tell anyone, including each other.

In other words … it’s their ball.

You can be miserable about it. You can cuss and moan about how they should know better, they’re going about it the wrong way, their procurement people are undermining the commercial objectives.

Or, you can lean into the process and do the best you can do – in product and service and presentation.

Skippy strategy: Lean in.