May 4, 2021

Drag a magnet


Imagine an organisation entirely without order or management. In this world, everybody knows what the organisation is about and everyone makes an entirely personal decision about what they’ll do and when they’ll do it to achieve the goal. Not so much a self managed team as a self determining collection of individuals.

What’s your prediction?

Mine; there will be good days and bad days but that even on the best of days very little of external value will be done. Not because some people won’t do an amazing job, but because organisation exist to do things together that they couldn’t do apart.

It takes teamwork. It takes coordination. Beyond a certain size, it takes structure, To achieve consistency, it takes process.

The managers job: to drag a magnet through the randomness, to get everyone pointing in the same direction and exerting their force together.

Skippy strategy: Drag a magnet through it.