January 14, 2024

Drag you sideways


When you’re selling, it’s tempting to focus on the positives. All the little features that bring all the bigger benefits. What you can do. What you’re product can do. What your service can bring. The impact and upside you’re putting on the table. That’s how you get a sale, right?

When you’re selling, it’s tempting to sell to yourself at the same time. Blowing past the negatives, the unimportant features, the downside risk, the availability of resources, the competing priorities, the value of the sale, the life-saving wheel-oiling cash.

Consider reality.

When you’re selling to them – what’s at the heart of resolving their problem? Is a non-customer better than an bad/mad/sad-customer?

When you’re selling to you – are you sure this is business you want? Will this drag you sideways, are you setting yourselves up for failure?

Skippy strategy: Make sure the Yes is good for all.