March 15, 2016

Easy answers?


You can certainly jump to conclusions, and there’s no fun like the fun you have judging from the sidelines with a heady glass of means-nothing-to-me at your lips. Two seconds of attention and, BANG! shooting opinions and easy answers straight from the hip.

Or … you can take the time to fully understand what’s going on, listen, reach under the surface and dig around for solid ground. Take bearings and references, get some actual data and roll it around for a while, looking at angles and standing back for perspective.

Method One is a little quicker than the other. It’s entertaining to play at the game. You get to feel like an expert in a five-minutes-during-the-Olympics kind of way.

Method Two is the both-sides-of-the-brain kinda fun. A longer game, but more satisfying.

Skippy strategy: When you care … don’t be so trigger happy.