September 3, 2019

Eating for two


It doesn’t matter who you’re talking to, there’s always someone else. Someone you can’t reach. Someone you can’t talk to yourself. It doesn’t matter how much formal authority they have, there’s always some other person who makes the decision, underwrites the decision, influences the decision or to whom the decision has to be justified. Maybe it’s their boss or their significant other, or their finance director or their own, more sceptical less trusting risk averse, inner voice.

Which means give them something to pass along.

Not only the nuanced fully featured full course conversation they’ve enjoyed at their leisure, but a bite sized easily digested tasting menu that punches home the message in a take-away bag.

They’re eating for two. Give them the words that speak to their own agenda and all their someone else’s too.

Skippy strategy: The person you’re talking to isn’t the only person you’re talking to.