August 24, 2016

Email will save us


There’s a belief that email will do the job.

That sending email, with wide distribution, is the same thing and has the same effect as a little one-on-one time. That because it’s written down, and because you’ve sent it to someone else, that you’ve done your bit and it’s now someone else’s responsibility. That the buck is passed. That a comment is as good as an action.

That an email sent is a to-do ticked. Send and forget, at least for now. That a request made by email will be read, actioned and reported on without any further attention. That someone(-else), somewhere on the cc list, will take responsibility.

That email has the power to improve ineffective communications and that more email has more power.

A magical motivator/organiser/manager.

That email will save us.

It won’t.

Skippy strategy: Don’t imagine email can do your job.