May 26, 2021

Enough structure


There is a place for top down management and the kind of check list that ensures every little thing is done exactly as prescribed – like ensuring consistent quality in repetitive tasks or guaranteeing adherence to easily forgotten but critical steps. In short, when you need to make sure that the right thing is done right.

Then there’s the place for freedom. In art, in problem solving, in solving local problems with available resources. Put your best people on the project and get out of the way.

Most of the time, there’s a balance. Just enough structure (but no more) to smooth things along, just enough freedom so those good people can bring their talents to the table.

The problem comes when there’s too little structure (risking chaos) or too much (stifling creativity).

The answer: a checklist that’s short and created together.

Skippy strategy: Put enough structure in place, and no more.