October 26, 2017

Every paper bag


It’s a mess. The way most companies take most things from idea to finished article. The way they run meetings, the way they deal with sales enquiries, the way they manage projects, handle procurement, reconcile accounts, hire, fire, blow their house down.

It’s like every time is the first time, surprise!, or it’s just like last time and last time sucked.

And that’s most companies – who coincidentally(?) struggle to make progress as they fight their way out of every self-created paper bag.

That’s not your company. Or at least not your division or department. Your difference … structure.

A thought led way of how to do that kind of thing in this place.

A workflow. A process. A system that means you don’t have to think your way out of every paper bag. The proof that you paid attention last time and set up for greater success next time.

Skippy strategy: Structure for progress.