February 4, 2017

Everyone else


Run faster than the next guy.

And the plan? This, then this, then that and then there. Done.

So what’s the problem?

There are four:

– Knowing what winning looks like. Agreeing a goal (which race?) that is clear, motivating and unequivocal. Something specific to work towards.

– Lacking resources. With enough time and money, most things are possible. With less than enough, fewer things get done. And the people? Does your team have the talent and skills to do the work, pull the moving parts together, and bind together when times get tough?

– Having the grit (which might just be the most important resource). The will to battle through completing priorities and mounting challenges, get up when they’re knocked on their arse, and all the time keep their eyes and resources fixed on the finish line.

– Everyone else.

Skippy strategy: Forget everyone else, there’s plenty to work on.