November 20, 2018

Exam technique


We’ve all prepared for exams, and every time we talked about it, someone who knew the system better than us told us about exam technique. About reading the question, sorting out our timing, making sure we finish … so much that of course we know the drill.

In the real world, exam technique pretty much boils down to communications.

Every time we forget an email or to return a phone call, we fail.

When we don’t bring the right people in to the loop or don’t brief them properly, we fail.

When we, ummm, neglect to report problems or missteps or issues to the right people, we fail.

When we sweep things under the carpet or fail to miss out on essential conversations like risks and responsibilities or living up to commitments, we fail.

Good technique, in exams or anywhere else? All about comms.

Skippy strategy: Keep the communications flowing.