August 29, 2017

Explain the view


Things are complicated. I get it. The head bone is connected to the foot bone via two yards of systems and sinews that connect and support each other. It’s not easy to simplify. If people only took the time, they’d understand, they’d appreciated, they’d see what you see.

But they can’t, and they don’t.

That’s your strength and your weakness.

Your strength is that you see what they don’t see, your weakness is that you can’t see beyond – to the simple model that explains the whole thing.

Don’t accept that because it’s hard, it can’t be done.

Work it out. Find the straightforward explanation that everyone gets in five minutes. Practice the pitch. Evangelise at events. Gauge reactions. Notice when they look away or start the glassy-nod. Try again.

Because managing complexity – and explaining the vision – is how you bring people with you.

Skippy strategy: Manage and explain the view.