March 13, 2017

Explore first


You know what you think.

Ok. Reality. You you what you think sometimes. Most times though, when it gets to it, you only kinda-sorta know, because you haven’t really thought about it, you don’t have enough information and, like everyone else, you’re working it out as you go along.

Just like him, and her, and me.

It’s a moveable mix of yeast and flower that turns into something interesting if we all do our bit and bake it properly.

So why advocate, why get into explaining an immediately fixed position when that new idea (my idea) is wrong (or right, dammit) even when it’s fresh with morning dew.

Be honest enough, vulnerable enough, to keep asking questions and adding more thought until the whole thing’s been properly explored.

Then, only then, it’s time to take a position and move the stick.

Skippy strategy: Explore the maze, leave explaining for later.