April 9, 2017

Eyes up


The problems start when you stop paying attention. When you settle into routines and assume that what was good yesterday will still be good tomorrow. That you know enough about the market and what they want and where they’re heading. That you act like you believe your view of the world is the only view that matters. That the road runs your way.

Look again.

The world turns.

You better turn with it.

Keep in with technology and trends and changing times.

Update your skills, develop your products, create new potential, bring new ideas and perspectives and influences and possibilities inside the circle. Keep them polished but never on a pedestal. Treat them only as today’s answer to yesterday’s problems. Nurture new answers for today and tomorrow. Review and renew and replenish. What’s coming next? What’s on the horizon?

Eyes up.

Skippy strategy: Look up, not down. Forward, not back.